Skylanders | Ring of Heroes Expands Character Roster

Mobile game company Com2uS (CEO James Song) announced its has released two new characters for Skylanders Ring of Heroes (Hereinafter Skylanders). Skylanders is a new kind of a turn-based RPG created based on Activision’s IP. The game brings together the fun of collecting and upgrading Skylanders with colorful and unique characteristics, and the pleasure of strategic battles with various skills.

First, the two new characters possess two different characteristics with Legendary and Heroic grades. They boast great attack and defense abilities. Smash Hit, which looks like a mole, is an Earth character who uses a giant iron mace to use wide range attack on enemies. Also, since it is an Earth character who specializes in defense, the character possesses a powerful leader skill that can help it survive in the battlefield.

The other new character, Scratch, is able to move quickly and is of the Air Element, looks like a cat and possesses sharp attack skills that target the enemy’s weak points. Moreover, the character possesses various evasion skills that nullify enemies’ attacks.

Skylanders will be holding an event to help users enjoy the new character update and new in-game content while receiving awesome rewards. Users can complete various daily missions given in the game until Feb. 1 and get Gems, Gold, and various items that are required to upgrade their Skylanders. Rewards are given out based on the results players achieve by completing the daily mission. A large amount of Legendary Skill Power-up Stones, which are considered the best item in the game, are also available according to the user’s accumulated participation count.

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